Wednesday, January 16, 2013

While in Haiti there are still 350,000 living in tends: the United Kingdom want to give $10 Million thru UNDP to build their "future capacities to withstand disasters" !

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Hurricane Sandy passed to the west of Haiti on 25 October, causing heavy rains and strong winds, flooding homes and overflowing rivers. Photo: UN Photo/Logan Abassi
On the third anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the UK has announced it will contribute £10 million to help the country be better able to withstand and quickly recover from future catastrophes.
Working with the United Nations, the support will help build disaster resilience in Haiti and assist the Haitian Government in responding to urgent needs on the ground, including:
  • Resettlement of displaced people (there are still over 350,000 people in camps established after the 2010 earthquake);
  • Stimulating the private sector and making it more engaged in disaster risk management;
  • Building on the existing micro-credit and insurance programme for women entrepreneurs; and
  • Investing in livelihoods that help address food insecurity.
The UK’s contribution to building Haiti’s resilience will help reduce the impact of future shocks and ensure the Haitian Government is ready to act immediately when disaster strikes. It will also help improve co-ordination amongst donors in getting vital humanitarian support to those who need it.

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