Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who gives a sh*t about the poor: UNDP's moto "Save Helen Clark's ass" !

From New Zealand to Germany, the whole world was waiting for UNDP to come out and denounce the Fox News reporting as yet another attack from the American right wing "who doesn't understand how UN works".

And yet, yesterday's UNDP's For-the-Record release, didn't even mention Fox News, nor it addressed the main questions raised by the UNDP's own Evaluation Unit Report about systematic failures.

UNDP's "mea cupla" had nothing to do with none of the above, instead they were all rushing to save Helen Clark's ass from a public humiliation back home.

The UNDP's spin was similar to what we heard from Barack Obama in the past 4 years, that "all the economic down-turn in America is not his fault" but "it's George Bush's policies to blame".

Same with UNDP, they rushed to point out that the evaluation only covers 3 years from Helen Clark's tenure (2009 + 2010 + 2011= 3 years), and thus she "can't be blamed"!

How dare you right-wing-americans blame Helen Clark for what she might have not done during her first 3 years of what is usually a 4 YEARS assignment?

Because as every other UNDP Administrator (Speth, Mark Malloch Brown, Kemal Dervis) they all stayed 4 years on their jobs.

Can you really blame someone for doing sh*t for the first 3-out of-4 years on the job ?

The ridiculousness of all this is that Helen Clark is on this job for 4 years (2009+2010+2011+2012=4 years), and yet she doesn't own her failures, tries to blame now (after 4 years) her predecessors Mark Malloch Brown, Kemal Dervis and Ad Melkert for "poor performances".



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