Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shameless Helen Clark contacts donors and attacks credibility of UNDP's Own Evaluation office and its Director

Indran Naidoo, a South African, is barely 11 months on the job as Director of Evaluation Office of UNDP, and yet this week he and his staffers are under direct attack from the Office of Administrator (Helen Clark).

Their credibility and capacity is being questioned, donors are being contacted and told that UNDP's own EO has "issues" and that the leadership will try to deal with them "expeditiously".

All this transpired after Fox News reported on a recent Evaluation of UNDP's own Poverty Programmes. The Evaluation Office, after scrutinizing 10 years worth of $8 Billion in financing aimed at poverty eradication, found: NO TANGIBLE EVIDENCE OF EFFECTIVENESS OF THESE PROGRAMMES.

Reportedly the Office of Administrator was furious with the findings and the way they published it without first "clearing it with competent authorities"...

What a shame...

Let's hope that Indran Naidoo will retain his work ethics and continue on the path of independently evaluating UNDP's work.

That's what ultimately donors want...that's what tax payers want from them.

UNDP' Evaluation Office

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