Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korea-UNDP Trust Fund for the poor - saving the world? No one knows how the funds are spent, no accountability, transparency or even independent auditing of Korea's funds to UNDP since 2009.

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After more than a year of fruitless job hunting, Dawin Perez no longer worries where his family’s next meal will come from.

With help from the Korean government and the United Nations Development Programme, Perez took part in a month-long training session at Cemprende, a local employment and entrepreneurship support center in his hometown of Cartagena, Colombia.

“I couldn’t find work for a year and a half. Raising a family isn’t easy when there’s no money, but this opportunity was given to me and the program helped me change my life,” Perez said.

“I’ve been trained as a construction supervisor and I’m now working as a warehouse assistant in an important enterprise.”

The project is one of eight worldwide that have been commissioned under a joint Korea-UNDP Trust Fund launched in 2009 with $10 million. Programs are designed to help some of the world’s poorest countries cut poverty, tackle climate change and work to meet the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

Click here for this story in full @ Korea Herald:

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