Monday, October 1, 2012

UNDP Romania: - Implementing Social Responsibility. Guidebook on instruments and techniques

Basic principles of socialism

One specific objective of the project ‘Strengthening the capacity of Romanian companies to develop social partnerships – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ is the elaboration of a second guidebook, ‘Implementing Social Responsibility. Guidebook on Instruments and Techniques’. This second guidebook provides companies with a practical approach leading to better management of social responsibility activities through the use of customized instruments and techniques.

In Romania small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) represent 99.7% of the active enterprises in the country and provide 2/3 of the number of jobs. However, when referring to social responsibility (SR), most of the information and business tools are aimed at corporations rather than SMEs.
The guidebook details specific instruments that contribute to identifying and engaging all relevant stakeholders, as well as improving reporting and the SR activities developed by companies. The instruments presented are divided into national and global, in order to create a methodological structure that is easy to follow and facilitate implementation. Codes of conduct, certification and labeling, as well as reporting instruments and standards provide closer insight on how companies can best select the instruments and adapt them to their specific needs.

The guide is based on the four step-model presented in the first guidebook, ‘Socially Responsible Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Guide on Integrating Social Responsibility into Core Business’, developed within the project. The model enables a structured integration of social responsibility into the business plan of the company and encourages the strengthening of relations with stakeholders ultimately to the benefit of communities where companies develop their activities.
The main gain for organisations and companies using this second guidebook besides providing the instruments and techniques, is the emphasis on engaging stakeholders that can support companies to improve their social responsibility activities. Thus, the effort to maintain and increase the well-being of the community is easier to achieve.

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