Friday, October 5, 2012

Joe Torsella attends 5th Cmmtt meetings - seem to have lost his mojo - asks for tips on what to say at 5th Cmmtt

Tips for Ambassador Torsella - at 5th Cmmtt :
1. Demand full disclosure and publication of all United Nations lists of registered vendors;
2. Demand full disclosure and publication of all UN Procurement awards - LIVE;

3. Demand that all UN/UNDP procurement managers provide and sign full disclosure agreements and that their organigrammes, names and TORs are made public and published in all UN/UNDP webpages;
4. Demand that United Nations to have one consolidated VENDOR Registry - and not 196 country registries;

5. Demand that UN/UNDP publish yearly Vendor Evaluation forms in UN/UNDP websites;

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