Friday, October 5, 2012

IKEA and UNDP partnership: a love story worth looking in to.

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Projects we fund

The IKEA Foundation funds an innovative new project run by UNDP to help women earn a sustainable income and become catalysts of change, helping themselves and their children have more opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

The project, Swaayam (Sanskrit for ‘self reliance’), will reach 2.2 million women over five years in 20,000 of India’s poorest villages.

The project helps women participate in a diverse array of businesses, from dairies to craft production. It also provides training on financial literacy and business management, and allows women to have a greater say in their homes and communities.

The project has already created its first company, the Swaayam Ksheer Dairy Company, which sees 12,000 women involved in producing 24,000 litres of milk a day. Like the other businesses which will be set up by the programme, the Ksheer Dairy Company is an equity share holding company – so as well as having the resources to produce and distribute the milk, the women also have ownership of the company. You can read more about it on our blog.

The IKEA Foundation is funding UNDP because we believe that by empowering women through education, employment and having a greater say in their communities, you can ensure children have more opportunities to create a better life for themselves and others.

There is only only one question for IKEA: 

- Why not publish full details of funds transferred and managed by UNDP ? 

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