Friday, October 26, 2012

US Ambassador Torsella goes after UN Salaries - argues with Ian Richards on twitter

Hi , can tell you exactly DC/NY differential: 3.6% per OPM. Should I fwd you an application? You’ll only take a 27% or so pay cut!
Hi , will I get the same housing allowance as US foreign service officers? If yes, my application's in the mail.


3/3 put out corrected report. But removing data in a report doesn't make it go away. UN salaries are just too high and must be frozen. 

what's the cost of living differential between DC and NY? What about US civil service bonus for senior staff?

2/3 Last report said NY staff made a whopping 29% more than US staff in DC. This year the gap is now 31% -schmoblemaire
1/3 : Under the Noblemaire principle, the scales staff salaries to that of the highest-paying national civil service, i.e. the US.

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