Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VICTORY #81: David Morrison rush to take off-line the Turkey ADD after UNDP-WATCH reporting

Today after 103 days in UNDP's main website, David Morrison the Director of Communications of UNDP called his office early, and started demanding that the Turkey ADD be immediately removed from the main web-page of UNDP Website.

This is yet another victory of UNDP Watchers who are going to continue to Watch and expose the wrong doings inside the UNDP and its cuppola.

Good job David Morrison, just don't forget about NetAid Money, we still want to know what you did with them .

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Anonymous said...

In Canada, there are no jobs and there are many beggars than the developed world and this guy is giving the report as Canada is the best place to immigrate like that.

David Morrison, someone gave you money to write this article?