Friday, July 25, 2008

Dervis and Melkert failed to report to Executive Board 52.8 Million USD awarded in Short Term Consultancies to Individuals world wide


latest human resource data obtained from ATLAS, UNDP's Financial and HR Software, show increased miss-management and abuse of staffing, nepotism and corrupt practices in hiring consultants and retirees.

While everyone at UNDP is aware that current HR practices consist of actions of nepotism and favoritism which are totally not based on merit. Absent of strict rules and regulation, discourage promotion of UNDP staff worldwide, while encouraging corruptive solutions from managers, who instead of furthering the career of UNDP staffers, try to find short term solutions such as hiring friends (yong or old) as international and/or local consultants.

During 2007 UNDP hired the following:

International Consultants (SSAs): 2,320
Local Consultants (SSAs): 3,600
Retirees International Consultants (SSAs): 580
Retirees Local Consultants (SSAs): 900

From the above 7,400 Short Terms Consultancies, UNDP Human Resources, advertised only 281, or 3.3% of the total SSAs awarded worldwide. This shows that UNDP's Kemal Dervis and Ad Melkert failed to account in latest Executive Board for 96.7% of all Short Term Constracts allocated, or in terms of resources the equivalent of : US$ 52.89 Million Dollars.

But who are these short term consultants who were so lucky to get "selected" from UNDP ? Follow UNDP Watch we will be publishing the list of all of them.

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