Monday, July 21, 2008

Rice shows the door to Dervis

Condoleezza Rice, the US Secreteray of State sends a strong message to Kemal Dervis: Change UNDP Now - or go away !!

In a press release from the US State Department, in contrast with UNDP's Management Statements on same report, Condi Rice says that the DPRK Panel found broad management deficiencies in UNDP’s North Korea program, including in payment modalities, staffing practices, and project oversight.

The Secretary of State expressed deep concerns about the breakdowns in UNDP’s management system, and is urged UNDP Management to address its weaknesses and in so doing better realize its intended purpose – to help the world’s poor.

She also said that the United States will continue to closely follow and monitor UNDP management through the United States - UN Transparency and Accountability Initiative, and will focus particular attention on the Panel’s findings and recommendations.

A clear message to both Ad Melkert and Kemal Dervis, who have yet to read, un derstand and act upon the UN Ethics Office Report on DPRK (Read it here).

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External said...

With only 5 months to go, do you thinks that these two croonies will listen to Rice? They know that she will be history by November and no matter who is the next occupant of the WH, IT IS TOO LATE.........Sorry Condi you aren't Albright who knew how to get things moving at the UN because she was an Ambassador before heading to the State Dept. Tough no legacy