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Another Scandal in India

Open letter to the officials of the UN (UNICEF and UNIFEM)
Posted by LegalTechie on June 30, 2008

We members of “Save Indian Family Foundation” comprise of 15,000 Engineers, Software professionals, Executives, doctors and common people of India, who are fed up with UN’s Anti-Indian Agenda since quite some time. We firmly believe that UN is interested in breaking the Indian family system and the Indian society. If UN or its other organizations do not stop their anti-India activities and do not stop their malicious propaganda against India, we will start large scale protests against UN all over India. We are certain it will not help UN as Indian’s love their family system and they will not love any agency which promotes family breaking. India has 1/6th of World’s population.

Firstly, we do not understand why UN works like a dictator and why the people running it have such a terrible problem with “Integrity”.

We feel, it is important UN and its Secretary General wake up to face some constructive criticism and cleans up the “Integrity Issues”.

UN has a lot of explaining to do as it seems to have come out with an agenda against “Family System” in India due to lobbying by some western countries.

We will show how actions of UN, UNICEF and UNDP are actually contributing the “Female Foeticide” in India instead of reducing it.

1) In 2006, UN claimed in Indian Media that 70% of Indian Women Face domestic Violence (DV) UN, UNDP or UNFPA never conducted any study or survey which has established this fact or proved this statistics. In fact, one page in UNFPA website says, the domestic violence percentage in India (against women) is just 19%.

It clearly shows that UN and its officials lack Integrity and have lied in Indian Media.

How the hell are such horrendous lies propagated about India by UN officials?

Refer to this false story planted by the UN.

Here is the complete argument:

Certain Radical Western elements are controlling the policies in UN and they have a “racial bias” against Asians and especially Indians.

2) In 2006, UNICEF executive director Ann M. Veneman made false claims.

She claimed that 25,000 women are killed “every year” for dowry in India. Here is the proof.

There is no source of any kind which has established this fact that 25000 numbers of women are killed for dowry. In fact, the total “convictions” for “dowry deaths + DV deaths” in year 2006 is 1830 (refer: Indian National Crime Records Bureau at website ncrb.nic.in).

These deaths in India are almost half of similar deaths in US (if you normalize populations of both countries).Why did she lie and why did she quoted false statistics?

Why is the UNICEF executive director creating a panic by uttering lies?

I do not like to make any personal criticisms. However, people holding the high positions should have some elementary levels of Integrity.

If UN says that 25,000 women are killed for dowry every year in India, then no one will wish to have a girl in their house, as they think the girl will only be a victim, a burden and she will bring tears. The reality is, women are 2 times safer in Indian homes than in US homes. Thanks to UN and UNICEF, the panic is created in Indian society and Indian Family system is maligned all over the world. The Indians today are afraid of having a girl child.

We challenge UN officials to come and prove their assertions on dowry deaths in India.

3) The outrageous, false propaganda unleashed by UN (and the organisations it funds) about 70% women being beaten, kicked, hit, slapped and burnt for dowry, has created massive panic in India.

UN is a very credible source and hence everyone believes it. Media writes about it. So, Indians today believe that if they have a daughter (born into the family), then 70% chance that she will be burnt, beaten, raped, hit, slapped.

These lies by UN officials is creating huge problem for our society and people are rushing to clinics to abort the girl child.

4) A boy in India brings 3 times more misery to parents than the girls. A boy has 3 times more chance of getting kidnapped. A man has 3 times more chance to get murdered, commit suicide or die in an accident compared to a woman. However, UN never talks about the disadvantages that boys bring and only harps of why it is dangerous to be a woman or girl in India.

5) Increasing divorces, family breaking and single parenting has resulted in increase in crimes in US. However, UN conveniently ignores these social issues. Children from single parent families in US have 9 times more chance to commit crime.

Why are UN policies so reductionist while dealing with complex social systems?

Why is UN not even ready to discuss?


Social situations are complex. Societies across the world are complex. How can UN recommend some very “simple reductionist solutions” for the complex problems related to family system and sometimes force it on nations?

Common sense says, the more you focus on a problem/concern, the problem or concern increases. Is UN feeding energy to concerns or working on influences?

By focusing on women’s issues in a radical manner and by representing them as victims by using false statistics for years, is UN solving the problems or increasing the intensity of the problems?

If UN do not stop the anti-Indian, anti-social activities by planting false statistics in Media, we as an advocacy group of 15,000 members in India and world, will start street protests against UN’s ill designed insensitive policies. It is 15,000 angry Indian families, who see UN as an organisation that has propagated false stories and rumours about India, Indian society and Indian Family system.

If UN is so sincere about the plight of women in South Asian, then what the hell UN is doing about 1,20,645 women who are arrested in India in last 4 years without trial or investigation under section 498a of Indian penal code(IPC). In fact, UNIFEM supports Section 498a of IPC.

We support 50% reservation for women in Indian parliament. We are not a bunch of conservative regressive religious zealots.

We are not begging UN to change or stop propagating false stories about societies in member nations.

UN, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and every official has the choice. The officials there can keep continuing with the lies, false statistics and claim that they are making a difference in the world.

We have no expectations what so ever from UN or UNDP or UNICEF. We will do our work to safe guard our nation and other Asian Nations. However, we will hold every person who works for UN accountable for the consequences of the misadventures.

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