Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kemal Dervis illegaly uses UNDP immage to support tourism industry in Turkey, while Tsunami hit countries wait in-line for some long needed attention

for the past 102 days, UNDP main Website (http://www.undp.org/) has been sponsoring Turkey's tourism as a UNDP main priority.

As if countries like Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore where tourism industry was totally destroyed from the tsunami - does not need to attract tourists, and where people's life has been directly affected - -looks like UNDP chief Kemal Dervis has already started his campaign for returning this fall to Turkey.

How can the member states allow that their money be miss-managed from David Morrison, the Director of UNDP's Department of Information who is directly responsible for the main-website of UNDP ??

Questions from G77 group has been raised these days about this latest gaff of UNDP, many ambassadors have been asking : How much did Turkey paid for this ADD in United Nations main Development Programme's page ? How much is this ADD worth for Turkey ? How much this ADD is worth for Kemal Dervis?

How can Kemal Dervis use a 5 billion dollar enterprise to sponsor Tourism in Turkey, while people are dying in other places ? How can Kemal Dervis sponsor Tourism in turkey while UNDP staff are killed in line of duty and staff and public need to know more about UNDP's actions to protect staffers around the world ? Instead of keeping for 102 days up a publicity for Tourism in turkey, why Kemal Dervis does not publish Internal Audits that show the failure of UNDP's Security Unit to protect staffers from Algiers to Somalia to Darfur ??

Here is the website of UNDP:

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