Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Will Aurelien Agbenonci end up in a loony house like Omar Noman - for daring to question UNDP's flagship report validity?

Omar Noman a former head of UNDP Sri-Lanka ended up in a loony house in Britain, apparently for daring to question UNDP's actions in Sri-Lanka and some of UNDP's "special operations" in the South-East Asia region.

Despite the high ranking Noman held inside the UNDP's cupola, the organization could not accept that someone within its ranks disobey and make statements inconsistent to its ideology. Thus UNDP responded to him this way:

Although Mr. Noman is a UNDP staff member, he is currently not authorized to exercise any official function or speak on behalf of UNDP or the United Nations. Any messages under his name are expressed solely in his personal capacity.(click here for this)

At the time of this statement from UNDP, Mr. Noman was the head of a Regional Centre in Sri-Lanka, so imagine UNDP HQs revoking the right to speak on behalf of Organization to a Head of Regional Centre who represent the organization in that region.

Yesterday we all heard the direct accusations from Rwandan Government and UNDP's Representative in Kigali that UNDP's flagship report "Human Development Report 2011" contained inaccurate data, and what more "scandalous" in Agbenonci's statement is that he said:

"The figures were not updated, and did not come from our office (UNDP in Kigali)". "We will get in touch with the HDR office at the headquarters. We are also handling the matter with the Government". (click here for this)
Given the end Mr. Omar Noman had at UNDP for "disagreeing" with his superiors, seems that Mr. Agbenonci might be headed for some rough waters.

There is only one way at UNDP:

UNDP's Free Speech Concept

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