Thursday, November 24, 2011

At UNDP transparency on expenditures related to Regional Kings is zero - $$millions spent for extravagant travels, hotels, dining & corporate cards

Salary (before perks):
$250,000.00 (yearly)

Why is UNDP afraid to publish the following data on the above Regional Kings:

1. Ethics compliance with Financial Disclosures;

2. 2010-11 travel details:

- destination (stop over);
- total DSA + Allowances per trip;

3. Total charges on Corporate Credit Cards for each Regional Director;

- "Official dinning";
- Car rental + chauffeur;

4. Total charges for personal cellphone (provided by UNDP);

- monthly bill for each Regional Director cellphone;
- publish which % were private calls and who has so far paid their share of private calls;

5. Organigramme of Regional Director(s) offices;
- list of staff employed by each Director;

6. List of all consultants hired by each Regional Director in 2010-11 biennium

- name of consultant;
- purpose and duration of contract;
- total amount awarded;
- nationality

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