Monday, November 14, 2011

Viet Nam: While Greece & Italy are about to declare bankruptcy and America is broke - UNDP's Helen Clark signs for a $15 Million luxurious building

While USA President Barack Obama directed all US Government Agencies to shrink their expenditures including building new buildings and executive fleet of autos, in Ha Noi - Viet Nam, Ms. Helen Clark in her capacity as Head of United Nations Development Group who overseas the One UN initiatives has just signed a check for :

$15 Million Dollars
Construction of UN Offices in Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Green One UN House

In the last meeting of UN Agencies and Programs present in Viet Nam, they put a precondition that in order to be more "productive" they need a "Green building" which should be different form their current centrally located massive - communist style building (gift of the Government of Viet Nam), instead they want the Western Governments (Europeans, USA, Canada and Japan) to pay for a new building with all facilities (including a GYM and a Pool).

These are the pictures of the current facilities in which the United Nations Agencies in Viet Nam are located in Ha Noi:

The corruption at United Nations Development Programme is so sophisticated that the they already have identified the "pool" from which the preferred construction company will be selected from:


3.2 Assessable Criteria

Bidders who are considered to meet the mandatory criteria will then be assessed against the following assessable criteria as demonstrated in the responses provided in Returnable Schedules, Forms 04 - 08:

Financial capability to initiate and complete the project; Experience and track record in undertaking projects of a similar size and

nature, specifically Construction work and all related activities; Technical capability; International recognition, standards and principles, including participation in the

UN Global Compact (

Since we at UNDP-WATCH can't wait but to see how many companies are currently registered with UN's Global Compact from Viet Nam?

There are only 47 business participants from Viet Nam in all sectors. They are:

Private CompanySupport Serv...Viet Nam2011/09/01
Private CompanyFood ProducersViet Nam2010/12/29
Private CompanyMediaViet Nam2010/08/12
Public CompanyGeneral Reta...Viet Nam2010/08/05
Private CompanySoftware & C...Viet Nam2010/07/27
Private CompanySupport Serv...Viet Nam2010/06/22
Private CompanySoftware & C...Viet Nam2010/06/11
Private CompanyGeneral Indu...Viet Nam2010/06/10
Private CompanyGeneral Indu...Viet Nam2010/05/20
Private CompanySupport Serv...Viet Nam2010/05/03
Private CompanyFood ProducersViet Nam2010/04/05
Private CompanyGeneral Indu...Viet Nam2010/04/05
Private CompanyGeneral Indu...Viet Nam2010/04/01
UnknownSupport Serv...Viet Nam2010/03/31
Private CompanyGeneral Indu...Viet Nam2010/03/18
Private CompanyTechnology H...Viet Nam2010/03/17
Private CompanyConstruction...Viet Nam2010/02/05
Private CompanySupport Serv...Viet Nam2010/02/03
Private CompanySoftware & C...Viet Nam2010/01/20
Private CompanyMediaViet Nam2010/01/20
Private CompanyPersonal GoodsViet Nam2010/01/14
UnknownPharmaceutic...Viet Nam2010/01/08
UnknownFood ProducersViet Nam2010/01/08
Private CompanyConstruction...Viet Nam2010/01/08
Private CompanyMediaViet Nam2009/12/29
Private CompanyTravel & Lei...Viet Nam2009/12/29
Private CompanyConstruction...Viet Nam2009/11/18
UnknownFood ProducersViet Nam2009/11/16
Private CompanySoftware & C...Viet Nam2009/10/26
Private CompanyFood ProducersViet Nam2009/10/22
Private CompanySupport Serv...Viet Nam2009/10/13
UnknownFinancial Se...Viet Nam2009/10/01
UnknownFinancial Se...Viet Nam2009/09/15
Private CompanySupport Serv...Viet Nam2009/09/15
UnknownConstruction...Viet Nam2009/08/19
Private CompanyFood ProducersViet Nam2009/06/05
UnknownTechnology H...Viet Nam2008/08/08
UnknownConstruction...Viet Nam2008/04/24
UnknownTechnology H...Viet Nam2008/04/24
UnknownHousehold Go...Viet Nam2008/04/24
UnknownPersonal GoodsViet Nam2008/04/04
UnknownGeneral Reta...Viet Nam2008/04/03
UnknownGeneral Indu...Viet Nam2008/02/08
UnknownSoftware & C...Viet Nam2008/02/01
UnknownFinancial Se...Viet Nam2007/12/12
SubsidiaryOil & Gas Pr...Viet Nam2007/11/07
UnknownSupport Serv...Viet Nam2007/10/31

So who is going to win the open - competitive and transparent bid from United Nations ? One of the above 47 companies !!!

Does United Nations Programme in Viet Nam really deserve a $15 Million dollar building?

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