Thursday, November 3, 2011

How did Darshak Shah's wife managed to become Deputy Director of Human Resources at UNICEF? Was that a promotion or a forced arrangement?

Aruna is the wife of the most powerful and yet shady dealer at United Nations Development Programme: DARSHAK SHAH.

In 2007, when Darshak was being investigated (along others) by United States Secret Service for his direct involvement and knowledge on US Counterfeit in North Korea, which ended with him and others claiming immunities and failing to provide any cooperation to US Southern District Attorney of NY and US Secret Service: Aruna was the Deputy Director of UNDP's Human Resources, responsible for talent management.

Than Kemal Dervis (frmr Administrator of UNDP) forced by Mark Wallace and US Congress sent this letter to all staffers:

From: Kemal Dervis

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 5:15 PM
To: UNDP Global Staff
Subject: Policy on Financial Disclosure, Declaration of Interest, and Impartiality Statements (FDP)

15 May 2007

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to announce that UNDP will be implementing the policy on Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest (FDP) that was mandated by the Secretary- General in his bulletin of April 2006.
The General Assembly approved an amendment to Staff Regulation 1.2(n) through resolution 60/238 of 23 December 2005. By this amendment, the obligation of filing a financial disclosure statement is extended to all staff at the D-1/L6 level and above and "other staff as deemed necessary in the interest of the Organization". This General Assembly resolution also expands the scope of the financial disclosure requirement to include the spouses and dependent children of the above-mentioned categories of staff.
In response to this resolution, the Secretary-General issued a Bulletin ST/SGB/2006/6) on Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest statements, which became effective 1 May 2006. This bulletin requires UN staff who are at the in D1/L6 and above levels, and also those who are engaged in procurement or investment functions, to file financial disclosure statements or declare their interests in outside activities. It has been decided that UNDP will implement this policy by requiring that categories of staff as listed below file financial disclosure statements:

a. All staff at the D1/L6 level and above;

b. All staff who are procurement officers, or whose principal occupational duties are the procurement of goods and services for UNDP with Buyer and Approver roles in ATLAS in UNDP;
c. All staff whose principal occupational duties relate to the investment of assets of UNDP, or any other investment accounts for which UNDP has fiduciary or custodial responsibility;
d. Other staff members whose direct access to confidential procurement or investment information warrants the filing of a financial disclosure statement;
e. The Chairperson and the alternate Chairperson of either the Advisory Committee on Procurement at headquarters, and the Chairperson and the alternate Chairperson of the Contracts, Assets, and Procurement Committee (CAP) in country and regional offices.
Staff who meet any of the criteria listed above and work on $1 per year appointments or serve on appointments of short duration, have the obligation to file a declaration of interest statement instead of a financial disclosure statement.
As part of the UNDP Policy on Financial Disclosure, Declaration of Interest, and Impartiality Statements, staff who are voting members of any advisory committee on procurement will be asked to file a declaration of impartiality statement.
I have asked Ms. Akiko Yuge, Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau of Management, to lead the implementation of this policy. She will communicate directly with all of you and provide instructions on how staff should comply with the financial disclosure policy.


According to the above memo, Darshak's wife had a major conflict of interest, thus she had to move from UNDP imemdiately.

Aruna Thanabalasingam

Deputy Director, Division of Human Resources

New York

Tel.: (212) 824-6050


But how all this happen? Who made the deal with UNICEF? What was Tegegnework Gettu (frmr Chief of Staff of Kemal Dervis - currently ASG of Africa) involvement? Why did UNDP highest cupola felt threatened by Aruna's presence at OHRM?

Be patient and follow us on the days to come while we take you on a journey inside the most corrupt non-for-profit public organization in the world.

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