Friday, January 7, 2011

What has Omar Noman done this time to deserve this statement from UNDP?

07 January 2011
UNDP Statement regarding communications from Mr. Omar Noman

UNDP has looked into corruption allegations made by Mr. Omar Noman in written communications starting in 2010. None of the allegations were substantiated.

Although Mr. Noman is a UNDP staff member, he is currently not authorized to exercise any official function or speak on behalf of UNDP or the United Nations. Any messages under his name are expressed solely in his personal capacity.

UNDP does not operate offices in London, United Kingdom.


Detective said...

Keep probing. The UN and UNDP are covering up serious crime, corruption and fraud in 3 countries - Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United States.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that "Detective" is an alias of Omar Norman, right?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize this guy is full of it and a pevert, chasing young women unsuccessfully, even after spending plenty of money, i might add. What a joke. Pathetic Loser Divorcee.

Sharon said...

Not that it matters but he is not divorced and so what if he was. Or are you jealous that he is extremely rich and can afford to spend a lot

Sharon said...

Can any sensible person respond to the core issue...corruption in the Un. He is rich and lives in Chelsea and Oxford - do you go on all his dates - I imagine a high success rate but forget this triva and get back to serious issues raised here.

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely ridiculous article. Even suggesting that Omar Noman should be taken vaguely seriously is absurd. He has had a serious psychological breakdown and keeps sending e-mails to everyone in his address book alleging attempts to murder him, to silence him, to influence his thoughts, etc. The man needs serious help. In fact it is a very sad case and UNDP, to its credit, kept him on as a staff member so that he would be able to receive the kind of care that he needed back at home in England. He has gone through a nasty divorce and has had a number of scrapes with the law as a result of his delusions that have caused him to do some pretty outrageous things. Check, this with anyone who knows him personally and they will confirm it. You may have a beef with UNDP, but holding up someone like Omar Noman only negatively affects your credibility.