Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UNDP's Helen Clark fails to disclose gifts given to her on her official trips from leaders

The leader of UNDP and former Socialist Prime Minister of New Zealand has failed to disclose "gifts" that were given to her while traveling on business as UNDP Administrator. Staffers close to 21st floor say that the value of those gifts vary from few hundred dollars to maybe a thousand each.

But at UNDP there is no public register to record "gifts" to its many USGs, ASGs, or Resident Representatives. As a matter of fact no Resident Representative or Resident Coordinator report any-longer the gifts they receive while servicing the World Body in a respective country. Many of them also have turned down the minimum financial disclosure required from such positions by UN's Secretary General himself.

So on top of the VIP First Class tickets and double DSAs (per diem), as well as salaries that for USG's like Helen Clark are even higher than that of Hilary Clinton or any European Parliamentarian, these UN high officials can also keep the "gifts" because they serve UN well.

We bet Mr. Stephan Dujarric, UNDP's Spokesperson will call the above a "fanciful statement".

But can Mr. Dujarric prove the contrary? Can Mr. Dujarric point a UNDP database of Gifts that is public and shows all gifts received from Helen Clark and UNDP's ambassadors in 160 plus countries?


dad4justice said...

This evil woman should be in jail. She is so corrupt it's sickening.

Stephane Dujarric, UNDP Spokesman said...

For the record, the Administrator is entitled to business class during her official travel. She does not travel in first class. In addition, to state that she receives double DSA is completely false.

While gifts from governments and non-governmental sources should be generally refused, if the refusal of such a gift should cause embarrassment to UNDP, staff members (including the Administrator) are permitted to accept the gift. The Administrator must then entrust it to the Secretary-General, by registering it with his office. Honours, such as plaques or banner are put on display in UNDP, once registered. A comprehensive log of all gifts given to the Administrator is also kept up to date in UNDP.
All UNDP staff rules and regulations regarding gifts and financial disclosure also apply to Resident Coordinators.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dujarric,

1. Gifts:

since you are the spokesperson of the UNDP, why not make this database/list of gifts available to public? Unless you have some to hide, or maybe you don't want to embarrass again those who provided those Gifts.

2. Why should United States Officials report and return all gifts above 50$ to Government and UNDP Officials (including Helen Clark and RC/RRs) are not ? Do you guys feel superior to United States or other country officials?

3. Is it true that one Resident Coordinator serving in a Gulf Country has received a silver plated knife valued at above $10,000.00 and of course in order not to "offend and embarrass the host" took this item at his/her home?

Anonymous said...

DUJARRIC: "For the record, the Administrator is entitled to business class during her official travel. She does not travel in first class. In addition, to state that she receives double DSA is completely false."


UN HR Rule: Every D1 and above receives 40% on top of official DSA of the country visited.

Anonymous said...

shame on Dujarric that uses his good name to lie on behalf a corrupt and quasi "criminal" organization.

Everyone in the United Nations knows about the +40% rule that applies to to D1 Director and above levels including USG's like Helen clark.

Anonymous said...

If Helen has nothing to hide let her publish the accounts of the Office of Administrator (OA) including all New Zealand failed politicians that have now become world class experts on poverty.

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark is the only UNDP Administrator that abuses her job and taxpayers money to pay for two Chiefs of Staff, one "personal" and one official. De facto and de jure. A real SIMPSONS MOVIE.

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark is the most corrupt and ruthless politician NZ has had in ages.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the folks at Fox are chasing her hairy arse, fancy the UNDP may be involved in skimming the funds meant for the underprivileged, who would have figured ( sarcasm ).
Just imagine one of her political foes had been accused of receiving gifts and failed to disclose, the old hag would be squealing like a stuck pig. God these socialist tossers are the pits.

Anonymous said...

Funny ain’t it Bob, there’s nothing on this in the politically objective NZ media