Friday, January 28, 2011

Helen Clark: Queen of corruption?

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Uncle Helen has been busted over at the UNDP watch blog for receiving gifts while on her overseas trips and not disclosing them. The gifts are said to be worth several hundred dollars apiece and maybe over $1000. And we are talking US$.

Funny thing is, as the blog notes itself, UN staffers do not have to disclose such gifts. On top of first class flights and a salary exceeding that of Eurocrats or Hillary Clinton, Uncle does seem on a nice little earner.

But surely, if she does not have to declare such gifts, what is to stop her from being unduly influenced by a particularly generous gift. What safeguards stop this? How can anyone check? Can it be all on trust?

This latest controversy comes on top of corruption and waste involving charity funds involving the UNDP, as reported by the Associated Press and others and picked up by RedBaiter of TrueBlueNZ.

They note some curious practices at the UNDP.

An AP investigation last year found the United Nations cut back severely on investigations into corruption and fraud within its ranks, shelving cases involving the possible theft or misuse of millions of dollars. That happened after the U.N. dismantled its anti-corruption Procurement Task Force at the end of 2008.

Mmmm. Helen Clark got the UNDP job in March 2009.

And as well as fraud, we get secrecy.

Parsons said that money — roughly a fifth of the fund’s portfolio — is effectively off-limits to investigators becauseUNDP won’t share their internal audit reports. As a result, the fund’s investigators can’t look more closely at some of the fund’s biggest multimillion-dollar losses.

In Mauritania, where UNDP manages the grant money, for example, the fund’s investigators say as much as 67 per cent of an anti-HIV grant was lost due to faked documents and other fraud. They say 67 per cent of the TB and malaria grant money they examined in that country was eaten up by faked invoices and other requests for payment.

UNDP, the U.N.’s main anti-poverty program, told AP it is reviewing its policy of keeping those audit reports to itself but “takes its responsibility towards our donors and the beneficiaries very seriously.”

UNDP Watch has already mentioned this latest scandal, but there’s more.

Recently a UNDP staffer alleged corruption, getting a curt response.

UNDP corruption came to light last month in the Southern Sudan.

Helen Clark orders a UNDP boss to attack the US Republicans and the Heritage Fundation, following their criticisms of the UN.

So scared is the UNDP of whistleblowing leaks, in November it announced it would spy on all staff and computers.

And there’s even more, especially if you look at the UN itself.

Of course, the issue for us, is how guilty is Helen Clark herself.

It does seem unlikely that she is directly feathering her own nest, syphoning off funds to her own Swiss bank account.

But as UNDP head, she is presiding over much and continuing corruption at the UNDP.

Perhaps she is too busy globetrotting on UNDP business, she’s in Yemen this week, to oversee and stamp out such matters.

Indeed, maybe she’s picking up too many undisclosed gifts and freebies!

Hat tip: TrueBlueNZ


Anonymous said...

Sadly expected corruption for a corrupt organisation. Time for the UN to either be disbanded or kicked out of New York.

Think Helen would love Port-Au-Prince in summertime.

Anonymous said...

Remember the floods in Pakistan last year killing hundreds, if not thousands, and leaving tens of thousands homeless?

There had been huge floods in 1992 leading to millions in UN funds being provided for flood prevention. Turns out most of those programs were bogus and money disappeared, and floods hit again and huge sums of money were provided as relief and the gravy chain cycle of promising to build dams and flood gates will be made, and money handed over and no oversight and so the cycle continues.

I suspect the UN would change if the people involved in the scams, and those that never actually checked the work was real before making the next payment, were lined up and shot. But that will never happen. Key instead will hand money over to the UN to help the “recovery”.

Anonymous said...

NZ freedom of press is questionable, their fredom to investigate or even report on Helen Clark's department corruption at the UN is curtailed by Helen's minions politicians.

Anonymous said...

Nw Zealand Press worst than China and Myanmar - sucking up to Helen Clark and NZ Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Shame on NZ press that doesn't report the truth on Helen. All we hear here is about her trips around the world and gifts she receives from world dignitaries.

Redbaiter said...

Helen Klark is just another socialist crook and cronyist who has never had a real job, and has sucked off the public's tit her whole life.