Wednesday, August 31, 2011

“Uncle Helen turning UNDP into a cove of corrupt NZ labour politicians”

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I am sure the good folk at UNDP Watch are looking forward to the arrival of uncle’s close confidant Chris Carter.

Above is a headline I noted on their most excellent blog, complete with the delightful picture on the left.

At the weekend, UNDP Watch linked to a couple of stories noting the prospective arrival of former Liarbour MP , the credit card abusing Chris Carter.

The blog also linked to a post from here. There was a fair debate in the comments underneath.

Thank you guys, you are welcome. They asked:

Is Helen Clark turning U.N.D.P. into a ultra left wing cove for NZ Communists??

Well, who knows? But now that Darren Hughes was had the police inquiries concerning the sex allegations against him dropped, it does raise the prospect of him making a threesome with Clark and fellow gay Chris Carter. Unlike the allegations of certain others close to Uncle, there won’t be any travel restrictions against him!

In the meantime, Chris Carter continues to provide much entertainment. I am sure he will provide much copy for UN Watch and UNDP Watch when he makes it to New York.

Hat Tip: Whale Oil, UNDP Watch

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