Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goooooood Morning Kabul ! Finally UNDP has a GAY solution to Hamid Kharzai's corruption problem! Allahu Akbar !

God does have a sense of humour!

Hamid Kharzai just walked out of his private offices after a long meeting with his new gay anti-corruption Advisor from New Zealand, Mr. Chris Carter. He walked towards his Chief of Cabinets office, smiling open his door and screamed - "allahu akbar - why haven't you told me that there is another way to haven other than corrupt money? allahu akbar !"

Maybe what is in the second page of secret briefing at Nr.10 which was accidentally revealed by Andrew Mitchell yesterday, was the proposed British solution to Kharzai's sickness.

The only thing though is that maybe the New Zealanders doesn't understand the United Nations rules that clearly state that: - "anyone who is hired by United Nations at any capacity has to give up all his public or private functions and opt out of any political party prior to engage into UN business".

But hey if Helen Clark is still a member of International Socialist what the heck - who cares about a NZ MP from Te Atatu.

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