Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The U.N. Exposed : How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World

by Eric Shawn

Hardcover: 336 pages
ISBN: 1595230203

The "U.N. Exposed" takes you behind closed doors and reveals what really goes on when the diplomats gather in the name of the world body. The United Nations was created after World War II to promote peace and international understanding. But over the years, and today more than ever, the U.N. has failed to achieve its original mission. It has failed to address the most dangerous threats facing the civilized world, refused to condemn terrorist acts, encouraged America's enemies, and supported some of the world's most oppressive governments all while wasting billions of dollars. The book reveals how the vaunted Security Council was bought off by the very forces it is supposed to supervise, from Saddam's billions to Iran. The book gives a rare inside tour of the United Nations, focusing on many disturbing aspects that have been ignored by the mainstream media:

  • How U.N. supervised funds were diverted into weapons used against American troops.
  • How terrorists and rogue states seeking nuclear weapons flout toothless U.N. demands.
  • How our allies' selfish economic interests drive U.N. backed challenges to American interests.
  • How kickbacks, bribes, and corruption have pervaded the highest echelons of the U.N.
  • How U.N. ambassadors and staff enjoy luxurious and tax-free Manhattan lifestyles and other perks.

"The U.N. Exposed" relies on numerous interviews with United Nations diplomats, executives, staff, as well as U.N. reports and transcripts of closed door meetings to document its inner workings. How France, Russia and China were blatantly bribed by Saddam's regime through billions in contracts, the infamous Oil for Food scandal, and what Saddam's own officials admit was "Saddam's Bribery System" to win support at the U.N. How the U.N has given Iran a 21 year head start to develop its nuclear technology. And how when it comes to terrorism, U.N. diplomats admit its efforts are merely 'lip-service', or utterly inadequate. If the U.N. is to reform, this book provides the starting place. You will also learn how U.N. diplomats use plastic credit card-like ID's to skimp out on paying sales tax on their cheeseburgers, and how the non-profit, humanitarian organization houses its chief executive in one of the most expensive and elegant private mansions in Manhattan. It took a long-time New York City Hall and crime reporter to show up in U.N. World and ask..."what's going on here?" The answer, is "The U.N. Exposed".

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