Monday, August 29, 2011

Times are hard, but we can still find cash for Palestinian suicide bombers

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Fatah supporters dressed as suicide bombers

Fatah supporters dressed as suicide bombers

I know times are hard, and we’re all facing cuts – as was illustrated last week when the BBC and the Today programme in particular gave possibly more coverage to one union-funded campaign in a morning than they did to the Taxpayers’ Alliance during the entire rule of New Labour – but I’m sure you’ll agree that we can still afford to fund Palestinian suicide bombers.

Indirectly, that is. It has been claimed that the Palestinian Authority, which, theoretically, could become a recognised state later this year, has given almost £5 million to the families of shaheed, or martyrs – or, as we call them, suicide bombers. The authorities there have also given £3 million to 5,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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