Monday, June 6, 2011

Is Helen Clark turning U.N.D.P. into a ultra left wing cove for NZ Communists??

Uncle Helen Pulling the strings in New York??

I am sure the excellent UNDP watch blog will have some things to say about Uncle Helen’s latest recruitment.

It seems she has got her old buddy Chris Carter a job at the UN in New York.

Now, I am sure Carter can say he is eminently qualified for whatever role it may be, and he will point to aid work and the like, but it will make you wonder what strings Uncle Helen pulled to get one of her closest confidantes a plum job with the UN.

What exactly is this job that Carter will be doing? What will it pay? Was the post advertised? Who else was in the running? What special talents and abilities did Chris Carter have that others lacked.

I am sure a trip down memory lane would prove useful for those of us who might question Carter’s abilities. And I am sure those watchdogs at the UNDPWatch andUNwatch blogs will find a good google trawl of Chris Carter MPmost informative.

Forget about the tittle tattle about his colourful personal life, I will leave that for other bloggers. All I will say on that is that I always found it amusing to find a gay MP going to the mosques to promote Islam Awareness Week.

Instead, I will recall Carter’s misuse of taxpayer funded credit cards which caused him to be demoted last year, he went running back to Mummy Clark to take advice following his expenses scandal, and was branded a liar by party leader Fail Gaffe. He was later dumped from the party after threatening to dish the dirt on the party, which also followed his involvement in a failed coup against Gaffe. And Carter did enjoy his taxpayer-funded holidays.

What, with his troughing, his support for Islam despite his homosexuality, his double dealings, disloyalty, etc, etc, maybe Uncle Helen hasn’t been pulling strings for her hold mate. He could well be eminently qualified for the UN after all!

Just one final thought. If Darren Hughes didn’t have certain allegations before the police, might he have got the job instead??

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps he bought Helen some nice flowers and put them on the taxpayers tab.

Anonymous said...

I bet Helen made it very very very clear to him that if he flounces out of parliament in an attempt to exact damage on the Labour Party he will get nothing. And that book idea also gets dropped as well. So we will see if it comes to pass. he was a bit vague on what it is. I assume it is something about Aids funding, or some other gay issue. Chris is very good at leveraging gay issues for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to get a breakdown on the cost of this trip and who paid for it .. that would be interesting considering his past

Anonymous said...

CC thinks very highly of himself. I can easily imagine him mistaking polite brush-off for genuine interest. I will not be surprised if his hopes are disappointed.

Anonymous said...

How do you spell cronyism again?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Hissy Chrissy and Barker Clark alongside Spanky Banky.

It would serve them all right if they cop the snot eating( or was it ear wax?), sawn off little blond bullshitter from Queensland as their new boss.

Anonymous said...

If Mr Carter goes to the UN does that mean we stop paying for him? Sounds like a wonderful idea. However, I’d expect that Chris will continue to take the taxpayer coin until the last possible moment.

Anonymous said...

The lines of democracy get a bit stretched between the UN and the voters. In the book Kaitiaki an “indigenous lawyer” who was active in formulating UN indigenous policy has the foreshore and seabed reduced to a simple matter of Maori “property rights”.
Also there’s the “we ten experts in our field” who say no one should give a child a light smack.

Anonymous said...

Carter knows something for sure. He’s from that gay community; he knows the deal.

Anonymous said...

As I have been around for a day or two I never thought I would see he balant crawling/begging for help to keep the gravy train running for one individual.

I am disgusted.

Fire the prick from his job as a MP now.

Never been so angry for years.

Anonymous said...

Michael – “If Mr Carter goes to the UN does that mean we stop paying for him?”

I dunno, does NZ pay UN dues? I’m not sure. If so, then the taxpayers are still paying for the useless bastard, at least partially. And with even more layers of beaurocracy in between. FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Chris Carter is toxic to the Labour Party. He promised a ‘tell all’ book when he leaves Parliament in November. What better way to buy his silence than to ask dear leader to arrange a nice role for him in New York?

But he was away three weeks?? Jeez – it must have been one hell of an interview! Was Peter Kaiser with Carter? Did the taxpayer also pay for his travel?

If we ever needed further proof that this travel arrangement for MPs needs to be reviewed, this 3 week junket to New York is it.