Monday, March 1, 2010

WMO to verify the global warming records again

The World MeteorologicalOrganization (WMO) has decided to come across the original temperature records from thousands ofweather stations around the world for a second time.

The readings will be checked once more so that WMO can avail auxiliary functional information to understand the atmospheric change determinedly. These supplementary data will be analyzed autonomously further. This research will take three more years.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, this new analysis will provide an additional comprehensive depiction of global warming. Such initiatives are hugely needed to regain the public confidence in the science of climate change.

However some of the leading scientists have said that in spite of frequent efforts, there will be no end of man-made global warming. This will remain as a serious threat to the society and to the mankind.

Head of Climate Change Advice at Meteorological office Mr. Vicky Pope has also agreed with the fact that the fresh global temperature analyses would not change the tendency of globalwarming. But it may provide a better approach to adapt the climate change.

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