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Ban Ki Moon Humanitarian Visionary Or Persistent Ignoramus Needing To Be Sent Packing?

Lankaweb Midweek Editorial March 27th 2010

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s persistence about establishing what he terms “a panel of experts into investigating human rights violations in Sri Lanka” is multi facetedly incongruous as well as being biased ignorance! He has many wondering if he is truly a humanitarian visionary or a persistent ignoramus against whom the deck is stacked on this issue as he has no real mandate into what he is attemptingto accomplish and the sooner he changes his direction as well as rhetoric the better it would be for his image as well as that of the UN which Moon seems quite oblivious to and the term ignoramus then becomes befitting!.

If one looks deeper into the issue there are some glaring related anomalies which stand out towards possible instigation stemming from coercion by the global diaspora Tamil lobby against the Government of Sri Lanka spearheaded by a top UN official by name of Naveen Pillai whose agitations towards what Moon is trying to accomplish has now become very clear by virtue of her leanings and sympathies and Moon’s insistence is visibly based on many other pro -active anti Sri Lankan Government lobbies raised by disgruntled and defeated supporters of the now defunct Tamil Tigers, screaming for investigation of the GOSL with no real evidence which also translates to the mindset of Ban Ki Moon whose evidence is very evidently based upon hearsay and deemable as Very High Handed.

One aspect of how high handed and out of line the UN Secretary Gen.sounds, stems from his own words that he was “identifying persons” for “the committee of experts” that would probe allegations of human rights violations in Sri Lanka during the concluding stages of the war with the secessionist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which points to the unilateral manner he is making this decision with almost a sense of apprehension and doubt where the end result of the Government’s putting down of the Tamil Tigers and its fallout resulting the the setting up of camps for Internally displaced persons(IDP) seems the motivation as the allegations come from pro Tiger elements and none other and one need look no further than the lobby by forces within his own camp where rationalities towards the conclusion becoms fairly obvious as Naveen Pillai’s Tamil Secessionist sympathies are fairly well known and documented.
Add to this the posturing of Vijay Nambiar his “Chef de Cabinet” (or is it Chef de Guerre?) whose background and veiled sympathies are purported to be on a related vein to those of Pillai and we have the ‘monkey’ Moon dancing at the end of the strings manipulated by the Pillai / Nambiar duo grinding their particular organs ( no pun intended beyond “the organ grinder with monkey “analogy) and the rest of the picture becomed crystal clear.

There are many within Sri Lanka as well as around the world who are amazed as well as angered about the inefficiencies of Ban Ki Moon on many other issues of felt need human rights violations around the globe which he chooses to ignore apart from his latest unwarranted venture (albeit seemingly coerced) into what is plainly an interference into the internal affairs of a Sovereign Democratic Republic and the Rajapaksha Administration based on this should stand up vehemently against Moon’s insistence and resist his persistence on the basis that he neither has the evidence nor a mandate to effect what he is proposing as far more important sources have accepted Sri Lanka as being free of the particular human rights violations as purported by Moon and if there are any gross violations of human rights needing investigation it has to be related to the attrocities commited by the Tamil Tigers during their decades long terrorist insurgency in Sri Lanka where the Government was legally and constitutionally defending the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka and innocent lives of the Sinhala Nation!

The Government of Sri Lanka which has raised objections to the formation of the advisory panel, with President Mahinda Rajapaksa personally speaking to the UN Secy. Gen.
describing the world body’s move as “uncalled for and unwarranted.” should take more stringent actions towards disillussioning Ban Ki Moon and his consorts
and making it very clear that as a Sovereign Nation, Sri Lanka has every right to oppose his demands! which are categorically baseless!
Towards support of this stance needing to be taken more forcibly and assertively by the Government of Sri Lanka, the Chair of the Coordinating Bureau (CoB) of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has said in a letter to the U.N. Chief that setting up an advisory body amounted to selective targeting and interference in the internal affairs of a Sovereign State, contrary to the Founding Principles of the Non Aligned Movement and the United Nations Charter which in reality seems to be what Moons agitations are all about in oblivion as well as direct contradiction of the UNC.

CoB Chairman Maged A. Abdelaziz wrote that the U.N. move amounted to interference in the domestic matters of Sri Lanka. “There is nothing in the U.N. Charter that authorizes intervention in matters that are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state,” he added.

Based upon much of the information presented here, there are many around the world who believe Moon should be sent packing from his job for gross inefficiency!

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