Friday, March 26, 2010

OPA condemns UN stance

Daily News Online

The Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) of Sri Lanka strongly condemns the discriminating stance taken by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, in interfering with the sovereignty and the internal affairs of an independent member of the United Nations, states OPA President Prof. A. D. V. de S. Indraratne in a release.

The appointment by the Secretary-General of an Expert Committee to advise him on the alleged violation of human rights in Sri Lanka, without any directions from the General Assembly or the Security Council is against the very Charter of the UN.

The OPA also strongly condemns the actions of UN Human Rights Commissioner Navaneethan Pillai, British Foreign Secretary David Milliband and the international NGOs, to mislead the UN with unsustainable and misguiding information on the final stages of the war against the LTTE.

The OPA while acknowledging the firm, praiseworthy stand taken by the Government of Sri Lanka against the proposal of the Secretary-General of the UN, requests the Secretary-General to acknowledge the mission accomplished by the Government of Sri Lanka by comprehensively defecting the LTTE, the world's most ruthless terrorist organization banned by the USA and the European Union.

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