Friday, March 26, 2010

North Korea seems to Lose Kim Jong II

Kim Jong II is a supreme leader of North Korea and it seems that it is going to lose the leader in coming days as his health is declining day by day. He was paralysed by a stroke in 2008 and now he is suffering from chronic Kidney failure and he is on dialysis every week. He is also suffering from High Blood pressure and Diabetes.

Kim is 68 years old and the doctors think it is hard to recover from thesemedical conditions at this age. And north Korean people are expecting their leader to recover and they are sure that he will be back in action soon.

His recent public appearance was on a public rally on 7th of March where he found slamming his palm on his unmoving left palm because of paralysis. Though his regime was appreciated by many people there are lot of people who opposed his strategies and rules also. But with this health condition it not more likely that he will be in the same position anymore…we just have to wait and watch.

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