Monday, March 1, 2010

U.N. create Independent panel to review IPCC

U.N. has formed an independent panel of scientists for reviewed the work of world’s top climate science panel. Which has faced recriminations after it published errors, United Nations environmental spokesman said.

Scientists are working with the United Nation-sponsored group. That has raised questions about the panel’s objectivity in assessing one of today’s most hotly debated scientific fields.

“The problem stems from the IPCC’s thorny mission: Take sophisticated and sometimes inconclusive science, and boil it down to usable advice for lawmakers,” according to the interviews with scientists and review of hundreds of panel documents and emails.

The IPCC said that the Himalayas may melt by 2035, but an original source said the world’s glaciers will melt till 2350 not till 2035.

A criticism has faced by IPCC. U.K. climate lab hacked Emails and posted online late last year. Scientists trying to squelch researchers who disagreed with their conclusion that humans are largely responsible for climate change. The IPCC admitted its celebrated 2007 report contained an error: a false claim that Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035. The IPCC report got the date from a World Wildlife Fund report.

Mainstream scientists and the United Nations said repeatedly that the evidence indicates that human activity is playing major role in global warming remains unshaken.

Mr. Nick Nuttall, a spokesman for the United Nations Environment Program said, “I think we are bringing some level of closure to this issue.”

Pachauri’s statement said that the panel consulted with the United Nations and plans to find “distinguished experts” to review.

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