Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mr. Ban Ki Moon – Why Sri Lanka? Why not Gaza

Ramallah, Palestine, 10 March (Asiantribune.com):

Ban Ki Moon is now dictating terms to Sri Lanka

As friends of Sri Lanka, Palestinians find it extremely difficult to keep silent when we hear of the sinister manipulations and arm bending tactics practiced by the heads of influential organizations like UNO and Human Rights Commission and also by some leaders of UK and the European Community to destabilize Sri Lanka and reverse the newly gained victories and freedom after defeating the terrorists.

We are compelled to come to the conclusion that these organizations are fostering terrorism so that they can sell arms and ammunition to all parties.

Palestinians has been following the Sri Lanka’s struggle against the terrorist group called LTTE who were trying the divide this small friendly country on ethnic grounds with the help of some western countries who were interested in the oil deposits in Sri Lanka. We are also aware that international arms and drug traffickers lost their sources of income with the defeat of this terrorist group LTTE.

Now Sri Lanka is developing its infrastructure facilities and there is a steady flow of tourists to Sri Lanka. We are happy to note that President Mahinda Rajapaksa who is a close friend of Palestine was elected as President for a second term with a majority vote of 1.8 million.

Palestine is one country that is highly concerned about the wellbeing of Sri Lanka and is worried about the unwanted interventions of the West to bring back the terrorists and harass Sri Lanka with unfounded allegations of human rights violations etc. Palestinians strongly feel that West and many international organizations dominated by West are going beyond their limits with no respect or regard for the sovereignty of Sri Lanka or its right to defend its territory.

West and its friendly organizations have failed to realize that Sri Lanka is no more a colony of any former colonial master. That is past history and no more valid. In this regard we in Palestine question the double standards practiced by West and other international organizations when it comes to Palestine. When Israel bombed Gaza for 22 days, killing over 1500 Palestinians including over 500 children and injuring thousands, these compassionate world leaders failed to intervene in spite of the fact that Palestinians are no match for the Israeli army.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon who is now dictating terms to Sri Lanka visited Gaza and saw with his own eyes the destruction caused to life and property but he has in fact failed to take any action against Israel or to re-build Gaza in spite of the fact that Goldstone Report clearly shows all what happened.

- Asian Tribune -

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Gamini Gunasekera - Mendis said...

The UN Chief's determination to set up a panel of experts on Sri Lanka is becoming more personal than institutional as he is trying to over rule even the Non Aligned member states' feedback. Mr. Ban, let me remind you the systematic Iraqi trade embargo named O I L - F O R - F O O D had starved some hundreds of Iraqi children to death. The world saw the inability of your institution in front of the Western interests at that time. Now, you are trying to undermine Sri Lanka's concluded battle against the terror of defeated L-T-T-E. It seems to me that some of your sub-ordinates are doing direct or indirect dirty works for those who want T O - S E E - S R I - L A N K A - D I V I D E D .. Remember the failures in Gaza, Iraq, Former Yugoslav Federation, Ethiopia, etc. Stay out of Sri Lanka ..