Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where is NETAID money David Morrison - or did you transfer them at UNCDF?

Congrats' David Morrison - are you gone do the same with UNCDF as you did with NetAid? Go for it David - its all microfinance, is easy-money, is what you do best.

How can you be the public face of UNCDF Mr. Morrison ?

Your gross-miss management, leadership ignorance and corrupt behaviour has led to UNDP loosing 45 Million dollars in tax-payers funds for this MEGA-FAILURE called NetAid.

How many poor people did NetAid help to come out of poverty under your leadership ? How many will UNCDF get out of poverty under your leadership Mr. Morrison?

And now you are a D2 ? Since when ? Have you seen Personnel Form ? One thing is sure Mr. Morrison, you know where the skeletons are burried in UNDP/NetAid. That's gives you an edge in negotiating upwards your salary and positions.

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