Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dervis trade Melkert for his post !

While many might have thought of Melkert as the villain, it might not all be true.

His boss Kemal Dervis, being cornered lately by all UNDP's scandals, resulting from his managerial failures, is giving up on Melkert in order to protect himself.

Sources say that Dervis negotiated with Khalilzad of US and Ban Ki Moon of UN, a trade in which Ban will not extend Melkert's contract on January 2008, in exchange of Dervis faulting Melkert and a small group of UNDP officials for their play in North Korea scandal.

We are reported that Ban Ki Moon has asked forcefully that by 19th of January 2008, on the anniversary of his call for investigation of the UNDP's scandals in North Korea, UNDP to "come clean" and point the finger to those "involved" and take immediate punitive actions. Sources say that Ban Ki Moon, wants to show to the US and Japan that he took seriously the allegations, and he is even rolling the head of a USG (Ad Melkert), an ASG (Hafiz Pasha) and UNDP's Comptroller (Darshak Shah)to this effect.

Meanwhile in a hash-hash deal, UNDP has arranged for the Head of Regional Bureau of Asia Pacific (Hafiz Pasha) to leave by end of the year (quietly) and become a vice dean in Lahore's University in Pakistan. Same fate is going to the number two of the Division as well (David Lockwood) who have not been extended, and is about to "retired" as of 1st April 2008.

Voices also talk about a major reshuffling inside UNDP, where Bureau of Management, seems that would undergo major cuts and old names are in the way out to the "forced labor" as Resident Representatives in the field, while "new" faces are about to join in HQs the new Dervis Team 2008 !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Corruption in UNDP is endemic. This rolling of heads is great news, but for UNDP to reinvent itself for the 21st century, a stringent performance management system needs to be implemented in letter and spirit. There are many people enjoying the perks and privileges of UN employment with none of the accountability and focus on results.