Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beauty and the Beast to tell the UN about accountability !!

The Beauty (Robert Benson) and the Beast (Darshak Shah) will be talking on "Accountability for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of the UN system", on Tuesday, 20th November 2007, from 9:30am-4:00pm in the Church Center (777 UN Plaza, 2nd Floor), New York.

The purpose of the forum is to "explore ways for strengthening UN accountability in the context of effective global governance". The aim of this forum is to discuss the dovetailing of managerial- and political accountability, in addition to deepening discussions of the respective accountability.

During the day, a series of panel discussions will be held, which will touch upon key themes including:

how does managerial accountability contribute for efficient management of programmes, human and financial resources?
How can we pursue strengthening political accountability in a highly political environment, and in what way can we reinforce the link between managerial- and political accountability with a view to enhancing UN accountability as a whole?

Invited speakers include the CORRUPTORS !!:

Alicia Barcena (USG, UN Department of Management)
Edward Luck (Vice President and Director of Studies of the International Peace Academy)
Jane Holl Lute (ASG, Department of Peacekeeping Operations)
Jean Quesnel (Director, Office of Evaluation, Unicef)
Steve Rochlin (Head of AccountAbility, Washington)
Rajat Saha (Chairman, Advisory Committee on Administrative & Budgetary Questions)
Darshak Shah (Director of finance and controller, UNDP)
Yukio Takasu (Permanent Representative of Japan to the UN)
Jens Wandel (Director, Bureau of Management, UNDP)

If you want to make yourself heard and raise all questions directly to the most corrupt officials of the United Nations, please clisk here:,

or contact Ms. Ida Folkesson at

All staff and non-staff are invited, including media and others. We have to have our voice heard,


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