Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fox News: UN humanitarian aid financing is disorganized, unpredictable and hard to track, two-year watchdog study says

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The United Nations spends billions annually to relieve the suffering caused by natural disasters and civil war, but those costly efforts are uncoordinated, overlap or duplicate effort, and often don’t show where the money went, according to a report by a special U.N. watchdog unit.

Nor, the report adds, has the world organization done much about it, with several internal efforts to get a grip on at least part of the problem among a tangle of funds, agencies and programs with different operating procedures either ending in frustration or failing to materialize.

The result: a sometimes chaotic U.N. global relief effort, where “basic humanitarian financing needs are only partly met, and in an inconsistent and unpredictable way;” keeping track of where the money goes frequently doesn’t happen (or, as the report delicately says, for some unnamed U.N. agencies “the reporting and monitoring of financing remain somewhat elusive);” and even a coherent definition of “humanitarian assistance” seems to be lacking.

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