Friday, April 12, 2013

WSJ: - U.N. Aide to Seek Redress on Cash Award

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UNITED NATIONS—A U.N. whistleblower who won a wrongful-dismissal case after accusing top U.N. officials of corruption, but who was then awarded a fraction of his claim, is appealing to the State Department to withhold a portion of American dues to the multilateral organization.
James Wasserstrom, an American who was a senior U.N. official in Kosovo, said his award in March of $65,000 by a U.N. tribunal, 2% of his $3.2 million claim, could have a chilling effect on future U.N. whistleblowers.

"This is not really about the money but the small amount does send a message to whistleblowers: keep quiet," Mr. Wasserstrom said in an interview. "The deck is now even more heavily stacked against people coming forward and trying to do the right thing."

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