Wednesday, April 3, 2013

UNDP works hard to spread Chinese "success stories" around the world !

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Developing economies that have experienced dynamic growth are reshaping the world and should share this success with their partners, a UN official said.

Khalid Malik, director of the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme, told China Daily that more than 40 developing economies, including China and the other four BRICS countries, have done better than expected in terms of human development.

A UN official who worked in China for seven years, Malik affirmed the country's progress in human development, a concept that includes poverty reduction and infrastructure modernization.

Malik said that China will face the challenge of balancing economic growth with environmental concerns and social development.

China, together with other developing economies, must address the issues of aging, the environment and inequality to sustain current progress, Malik said, urging Beijing to share its experience with other developing countries.

To tackle these issues, the government should pay more attention to the policies that focus on human development, he added.

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