Friday, April 12, 2013

United Nations start trading certificates - big business, lot's of deals - great profits for those who know how to play the game !

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New Partnership to Offset UN Carbon Emissions and Support Sustainable Development

airobi/Copenhagen, 5 April 2013 - A wind farm in India and a waste management project in Colombia are set to benefit from a new to offset the carbon emissions of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).
Ever since the UN Secretary-General first announced a directive for UN agencies to move toward climate neutrality in 2007, the organization has been measuring its greenhouse gas emissions and identifying opportunities to reduce them.

UNEP, which has been climate neutral since 2008, recently requested UNOPS, an operational and central procurement arm of the UN, to buy 50,000 certificates of emission reduction (CERs), to cover UNEP’s emissions for 2010-2013.

As part of its own emission-reduction plan, UNOPS decided to purchase additional offsets and added almost 14,000 certificates to the order, one for every tonne of greenhouse gases emitted by its global activities in 2011.

Combining the procurement volumes allowed the two organizations to buy the certificates from Swiss company First Climate at a reduced price. As a result, the emissions from both organizations were offset in a landfill gas management project in Colombia, while UNEP also contributed to the installation of a 15 megawatt wind farm in Tamil Nadu, India.

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