Monday, June 15, 2009

Why is UNDP a problem ?

While David Morrison and other losers at the helm of UNDP management, continue their campaign against UNDP WATCH, we wanted to explain to you why UNDP has become a problem.

Don’t let anybody tell you that this makes UNDP-WATCH anti United Nations.

Our staff members speak French, Spanish, many African languages, Chinese and Russians. We believe in the values that traditionally have enriched the United Nations, variety, pluralism, diversity, parliamentary democracy, rule of law and personal freedom.

Our problem with the United Nations and UNDP in particular is that is giving up on all the above values, UNDP and other UN agencies have become cut off from the real people, remote and self servant. All UNDP business is about - how to accumulate more funds and charge more fees.

Let’s be honest about this, in United Nations power is shifting from elected Member States and General Assembly to the unelected functionaries. Member States are loosing power to UN Bureaucracy and politically appointed administration of UN Agencies.

UNDP-WATCH aims to bring power back from UNDP and other corrupt unelected UN officials to the Member States and General Assembly. In a process that would restore purpose to the UN System, dignity to the Member States and ultimately voice and oversight of the world citizens to UN Programmes and Finances.

We cannot pretend and demand to restore order or sanity to world public finances or social affairs while allowing UNDP and other UN Agencies mismanage and divert 25 Billion Dollars a year in the name of the poor.

The UN has become the biggest hangover lot, namely 308 Assistant and Under-Secretary Generals and almost 11000 Directors and Deputy Directors in the UN System. Our problem is that UN has become a real anti-democratic institution in a sense that you have to have lost an election or be “un-popular” or “under investigation” in your own country to get appointed to a high level UN job. Best examples of it are:

  • Ban Ki-Moon - former minister of foreign affairs in South Korea
  • Kemal Dervis - former minister of finance in Turkey
  • Ad Melkert - former head of Socialist Party of Holland
  • Eveline Herfkens - former Minister in Holland

and many many more.

So what is the purpose for voting at the General Assembly when the above UN administrators and officials are not only regulating our lives and skimming our/your taxpayers dollars, but also slowly becoming a power in themselves claiming independence from UN General Assembly, Member States and their mandated oversight bodies.

Enough is enough – we demand change NOW !!


External said...

You've nailed it- the UN has become a cesspool of "have been politicians" or "appointees of current head of states of member countries" who have loyalties only to their motherland. These "losers" are put in executive or Senior positions when they don't have the basic knowledge of Management, Leadership or Administration let alone know-how about technology ( leave the Internet alone pl). Instead let the career International civil Servants do their jobs, especially those who have spent yrs in the field or live in those poor developing countries the Un is supposed to help out-don't tell me that the guy or gal wearing the 3-piece suit or the pant-suit suit with a scarf know how life is in the field when all they have "tasted" are first or business class travel, chauffered-driven cars and 5-star hotels on per diem expenses. Stay in a tent for a couple of days to appreciate the poverty you are supposed to alleviate or have a cold shower in a muddy lake to understand what are needed in those countries (instead of looking for luxury items during those trips or kow-towin with the despots and their ilks)


This blog is an excellent discovery for a\ Kiwi like myself.
You need to research some of the things Uncle Helen did while PM in New Zealand.
But posting about the book Absolute Power serves as a good guide.
Blogs like No Minister, Kiwiblog and Whale Oil will tell you more about your new Dear Leader.
Thats what we Kiwis called her too!