Thursday, June 4, 2009

UNDP back in North Korea in full steam to assist in Economic Recovery and Social sustainable development

While all reporters were following Ban Ki Moon in his trip to Sri Lanka, in total secrecy a team of UNDP top managers, including former UNDP employees involved in North Korea Programme in the past, were flown to Copenhagen to meet with UNOPS and UNIDO teams and discuss a "quite" return in Pyongyang.

All the above was orchestrated carefully by Kim Won So and unidentified american and south korean officials. 

Given the leaks on past UNDP Cash Assistance in Pyongyang, this time the order from above is to have things run out of New York, and keep them out of the official UNDP Programme management softwares, at least for awhile, while UNDP guys on the ground build up quietly the "assistance to the regime".

A team of four UNDP officials arrived in Pyongyang on May 19th, 2009, from Beijing, where now UNDP has set-up a back-up operation room under the leadership of Napoleon Navarro, a former desk officer of North Korea in New York, who during the US Congress Investigation of North Korea operations, was "promoted" from UNDP as number two of its Programme in China. After a week in Pyongyang, two UNDP employees remained back in Pyongyang to follow with the restart of the programme, while the rest of team returned to Beijing to report back to Napoleon Navarro and Kim-won-So. 

All the above though is put in a bit of limbo because of the atomic test and missile launch the last days. 

From very secure sources, the UNDP team has been given authorization to engage and support a new North Korea team in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and particularly start the "assistance" in the areas of Energy, Economic Policy Management and Agricultural development.

Meanwhile in order to escape potential leaks and breaks into the system in New york, the hole UNDP assistance to Pyongyang is being channeled thru UNOPS and Chinese Bank Accounts (Bank Of China).

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