Friday, June 12, 2009

Ad Melkert on his way to become UN's Czar in Iraq

The most dedicated and outspoken anti-American, the Dutch communist politician and #2 of most corrupt UN Agency - Ad Melkert is now secretly lobbying to become the next United Nations Czar in Iraq.

Secure sources inside the 38th floor indicate that Melkert is in his last steps to securing the job of the Special Representative of Ban Ki-moon in Baghdad. Same sources say that Melkert has allegedly secured United States Mission's blessing for the job.

At least this piece of junk is out of UNDP.

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Eran binenbaum said...

You're welcome to your opinions on the UN. But please be accurate and stick to correct descriptions of people you disagree with.
Melkert is not a communist but a social democrat - a Dutch mainstream politician, strongly committed to democracy.