Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Krishan Batra - the SATYAM insider at UNDP inflated the number of SATYAM Employees contracted by the organization

Krishan Batra - the Chair of UNDP Procurement task force - has allowed that SATYAM - who is a UNDP contractor to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars from the United Nations Development Programme through inflating the number of employees who withdraw cash (monthly salaries) from UNDP. 

SATYAM - an indian software company has been contracted by UNDP, despite the fact that they were debarred from doing business with World Bank since 2007. 

Many of UNDP Staffers who work along SATYAM employees at IT Unit declare that the "Satyam guys are never here and even when they come to work they are always less numbered than the contract has determined". 

But when the monthly contractor performance evaluation is made, SATYAM declares full bill and UNDP Administration Unit always "pays in full".

Another disturbing element is that SATYAM employees who were/are supposed to work for UNDP have entered the United States territory with G4 visas as United Nations Contractors. While sources report that many of these employees undertake other contracts as well outside the UNDP, while allegedly they are suppose to work full time for UNDP.

Sources say that in the last week, Krishan has been extremely busy in trying to clean up all documents related to SATYAM. Also sources say that he has been three times in the last two weeks in contact with Human Resources as well as Comptroller on Satyam.

It's impossible to understand why UNDP would allow such actions from Krishan Batra, unless someone in high administration is making a direct profit from it. 

We call on OIOS and Investigation Unit to Immediately investigate all the above. 

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