Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ethics Clash at UNDP - Helen Clark tells Elia Yi Armstrong to go - Ban Ki Moon orders UNDP to keep Armstrong for one more year

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark sent a letter to UN's Secretariat requesting to return Elia Yi Armstrong to her previous P5 post at United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) as of September 2011.

But the Korean Mafia at Ban Ki Moon's office has rejected the call from UNDP to return Elia Yi Armstrong (Korean born with Canadian passport), who was on-loan to UNDP for only 2 years and her transfer contract should have expired on June 2011.

All this seem to be because if Elia Yi Armstrong returns to DESA, she has to accept to return to a P5 post. But she can't accept such "low level position" and the Ban Ki Moon's Korean Team is pressuring for time so can place her at a "comparable D1" or higher D2 level.

Therefore the agreement between the UNDP and UN EOSG is now to have Elia Yi Armstrong stay until July 2012 at current post, despite increasing complains from UNDP staffers on her and her Ethics Office performance.


Armstrong, Elia Yi

Telephone: +1 212/963-2926
Fax: +1 212/963-2916
Nationality: Canada
Languages: English, French, Korean


Elia Yi Armstrong has been working as a public administration Consultant and Advisor at the United Nations since May 1997. She has been involved in organising and serving as a panelist at a number of conferences on public sector ethics and corruption and has prepared two reports for publication on professionalism and ethics in the public service. Currently, she is coordinating a comparative study of public service ethics in ten African countries. In addition, Ms. Armstrong was an Adjunct Instructor during Fall Term 1999 at Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, teaching a mini-course on Corruption and Development. Prior to coming to New York, she worked for the Government of Canada in the Privy Council Office as a Management Trainee. During this time, she was seconded to the Treasury Board Secretariat as well as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Public Management Service. Before working in the public sector, she also spent a number of years in various NGO's and universities.

Area of specialization:

Public sector ethics; corruption and development; public service reform; policy coordination mechanisms; administrative policies.


1997 - present Advisor/Consultant, Division of Public Economics and Public Administration, DESA, UN, New York, USA
1997 - 1997 Consultant, Economic and Financial Affairs Section, Canadian Consulate General in New York, New York, USA
1996 - 1996 Consultant, Public Management Service, OECD, Paris, France
1995 - 1995 Management Trainee, Privy Council Office, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
1993 - 1994 Management Trainee, Treasury Board Secretariat, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
1992 - 1993 Report Coordinator, Settlement Services Research Project, Immigrant Services Society of BC, Vancouver, Canada
1991 - 1992 English Instructor, Sogang University, Korea
1990 - 1991 Assistant-to-the-Director, Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago, Chicago, USA
1989 - 1990 Legislative Aide, State Senator William Marovitz's Office, Chicago, USA
1987 - 1988 Secretary/General Assistant, Quaker Peace & Service, London, England
1984 - 1987 English Instructor, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea and Jilin University, Changchun, PRC


1989 - Master of Science (Social policy and planning in developing countries), London School of Economics, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1985 - Associate (Piano pedagogy), Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto, Canada
1983 - Bachelor degree (Social work), School of Social Work, University of British Columbia, Canada


International Institute for Public Ethics: Fellow. Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs: Academic Affiliate. American Society for Public Administration: Member. Institute of Public Administration of Canada: Member. Social Planning and Research Council of B.C.: Former member. Canadian Association of Social Workers: Former member. Korean American Women in Need: Founding board member US Committee for UNICEF - Chicago: Young Professional Fundraising Group member


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"Combatting Corruption for Development: the Rule of Law, Transparency & Accountability" in Background Papers for the 4th Global Forum on Re-Inventing Government: Citizens,Businesses and Governments: Dialogue and Partnerships for Development & Democracy , United Nations and Government of Morocco, 2002

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