Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Tunisia the UN aid agency launches cash-for-work project and will employ 240,000 tunisians

UN will become the biggest world employer in the world, adding this month almost 240,000 Tunisians in its payroll system under the newly program called Cash-for-Work.

With the current transparency and accountability that exist in the United Nations, no one would be aver able to know for sure if ever such numbers were to be true. UN websites in Tunisia lack any real access to projects data, such as vendor registration, project expenditures, etc.

Beneficiaries will receive cash for work carried out on various tasks, including water and soil conservation projects and training schemes for farmers. WFP and FAO will each cover 24,000 households.

“The project is targeting the most vulnerable populations in the country who are now struggling to make ends meet, especially in this challenging period of transition,” said Mr. Belgasmi.

The project is focused on the country’s central-western area, where five governorates – Jendouba, El-Kef, Siliana, Kasserine and Sidi-Bouzid – have been identified as particularly disadvantaged.

Tunisia’s transitional Government has asked for initiatives to help provide jobs for young people – one of the chief concerns of the protest movement that led to the downfall of the former regime – and improve agricultural production.


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