Friday, June 4, 2010

Content from DPR Korea Boxes: UNDP and UNOPS paid for multiple North Korean Officials to travel back-and-forth from Myanmar and Iran for "trainings"

Reveling of the content of UNDP's sealed Boxes of its Programme in North Korea is becoming more and more relevant these days with new allegations of high-level North Koreans Delegations whom have traveled under UNDP/UNOPS Projects to Myanmar and Iran for so called Capacity Building and Training.

The UNDP Boxes, and more specifically the Finance Boxes contained detailed travel authorizations, Purchase Orders, Vouchers and expenditures with names of Officials as well as Photocopy of Passports of North Koreans who travelled back-and-forth to Myanmar and whom might have been involved in assisting Myanmar and Iran in their path towards Nuclear Programmes.

The world needs to know what is in the Boxes of North Korean Programme of United Nations, which are now under the custody of Ban Ki Moon.

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