Sunday, June 13, 2010

Somalia: More details emerge from the arrest Siyad Abdirahman Jama


More details emerged from the arrest of official of Galka’yo based agency of peace and development, Siyad Abdirahman Jama who was jailed by Nugal police after accusing him of linking to Al shabab.

Siyad has been jailed in Garowe and to know more about that RBC contacted to the family of Siyad Abdirahman Jama’a

The family of Siyad Abdirahman Jama’a told RBC Radio they heard the arrest of him and the time of his arrest he was in Garoowe town, the capital of Puntiland ,working for CPD.

One of Siyad’s family has appointed the allegation of the police as ‘propaganda’ and said Siyad isn’t involve like that actions.

Siyad Abdirahman Jama’a works agency of peace and development center CPD ruled by the politician, Mahamed Ali Yusuf .

Speculation reports say Siyad Abdirahman Jama’a was arrested for two purposes:-

1:- To know more about the politician, Mahamed Ali Yusuf known as (Gaagaab) whom Puntiland state says he has moved what is obstacle to it .

2: -To refuse him vacant position for UNDP which many people compete how they could win and the reports added that that some of the people who want to work for working UNDP have made propaganda which caused to jail Siyad Abdirahman Jama.

It is not clear the planes of Puntiland state towards the arrest of Siyad Abdirahman Jama’a who was working long time for aid agencies in Puntland.

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