Monday, June 7, 2010

MDTF fails to provide access and reporting to Donors on use of their funds in Myanmar, Iran and DPR Korea

The question is:


In accordance with the UN rules and MoU on Multi Donor Trust Funds (MDTFs) and Joint Programmes (JPs), signed between various UN Agencies, Donors and MDTF Office (Bisrat Aklilu is Exec Coordinator), each programme approved and funded by the MDTFs and JPs was required to provide annual narrative and financial progress reports.

The problem is that UNDP does not want the world and most importantly the tax-payers from Donor Countries to know exactly where their money are being spent in countries like North Korea (DPR Korea), Myanmar, Iran and Zimbabwe.

Everyone that wants to go to MDTF's Web Site, would find it impossible to access any information about these countries. Click here to visit their website:

Meanwhile the UNDG Protocol on MDTF Reporting promised the following:
1. Each Participating UN Organization will provide the AA with the statements and reports prepared in accordance with its accounting and reporting procedures, as set forth in the MOU and SAA of the particular MDTF /JP/ One UN Fund.

2. The AA will in turn provide the donors and the Steering Committee (in the case of One UN Funds, the AA will provide to the Resident Coordinator who will provide them to the donors and the Steering Committee) with the consolidated statements and reports, based on submissions received from each Participating UN Organization prepared in accordance with the schedule set forth in the applicable MOU and/or SAA of the particular MDTF/JP/ One UN Fund.

3. This consolidation of reports by the AA will comprise of a synthesis of the individual reports submitted by each of the Participating UN Organizations along a format agreed upon with the Participating UN Organizations (and Resident Coordinators in case of One UN Funds) and donors. The AA’s Progress Report consolidation will be exclusively based on information and data contained in the individual progress reports and financial statements submitted by Participating UN Organizations and does not constitute an evaluation of the MDTF/JP/ One UN Fund nor the performance of the Participating UN Organizations. The AA will submit the report it has consolidated to the Participating UN Organizations and the Steering Committee (Resident Coordinator for One UN Funds) for review and approval before submitting it to donors.

4. Since donors reserve the right to discontinue future contributions to MDTFs/JPs/ One UN Funds if reporting obligations are not met as per the signed SAA, the AA will notify the Steering Committee and work to ensure that delays in the submissions of narrative and financial reports by a Participating UN Organization will not jeopardize the integrity and future activities of the MDTF/JP/ One UN Fund. In case an agency consistently does not meet its reporting obligations, the specific case should be brought by the AA or the UN Chair/ Co-chair of the Steering Committee to the ASG group (Advisory Group of UNDG) for resolution.
Seem that once again UNDP is trying to hide from the public how they spend their 15 Billion Dollars every year.

Maybe Andrew Mitchell of United Kingdom should start his inquiry on how British Tax Payers money is spent with UNDP's MDTF...

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