Saturday, January 10, 2009

IO WATCH: a great website in pursue of rules of law and management accountability at UN

IO Watch is a non-profit, non-partisan, NGO/Public Interest Institution dedicated to ensuring the long-term survival and viability of the United Nations and other international organizations. IO Watch is a private and wholly independent NGO. IO Watch has no affiliation, formal or otherwise, with the United Nations, and all actions, opinions, and assertions undertaken on IO Watch's behalf by its members or contributors are its alone and should not be in any way attributed to the United Nations, nor as the UN's agreement therewith.

IO Watch, an advocacy NGO, pursues the following goals:

- To become a repository (an institutional memory) for reports of incompetence and mismanagement within the UN so that every time a story or report appears about such subjects in the media, it is not written as if it was the first such story on the subject (and so that such reports are followed up and acted upon, rather than merely being sensationalized for a short time);

- To force the UN and other international agencies to be more accountable to recipients, donor nations and staff for their actions, using legal action and journalistic exposure to force such compliance;

- To assist the UN reform effort through external oversight and critique (particularly by searching for and identifying waste, corruption and cover-up throughout the UN/International Organization system, as well as incompetent or unfit managers);

- To educate international organization staff members of their rights as international civil servants and to assist such staff to bring appeal cases (to vindicate such rights if same have been violated) that they ordinarily would be unable or unwilling to bring (particularly those cases which have far-reaching implications for a number of staff).

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