Friday, November 14, 2008

URGENT: UN Team in Pyongyang warns Ban Ki-moon on North Korea situation: talks about potential riots and popular rebellion

The heads of the United Nations Programmes in North Korea have meet in secrecy and agreed in updating their UN Country Security Plan. In a latest monthly assessment obtained by UNDP Watch, the UN Team in North Korea warned Ban Ki-moon that latest famine conditions in the country "have created the preconditions that United Nations should prepare for dealing with a potential fleeing in mass of North Koreans towards either China or South Korea as well as massive internal displacement towards main cities".

The report raises again the WFP and FAO evaluation of the internal food situation in which says: " the spike in food and oil prices in first half of 2008 has diminished NK's ability to purchase basic staple foods and the fertilizers and fuels needed to farm them adequately". 

The report also discusses the potential leadership vacuum and the perception of the UN Team inside NK that: " local north korean staff are being shifted more often lately from the regime and that there is a sense of unease and potential transition in horizon". 

Most importantly the Un Team in Pyongyang calls on Ban Ki-moon to make: "all necessary arrangement for joint UNHCR, DPKO and DSS assessment of the situation and if need start discussing with Chinese and South Korean authorities potential scenarios" and involvement of the UN should a crisis arise inside the country. 

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