Thursday, November 27, 2008

UN Board of Auditors confirm that Krishan Batra of UNDP Procurement issued contracts to individuals and entities in the terrorist list of the UN

Security Council resolution 1267 (1999)

233. The committee established pursuant to paragraph 6 of Security Council resolution 1267 (1999) oversees the implementation by Member States of the sanctions imposed by the Security Council on individuals and entities belonging or
related to prohibited organizations, and maintains a list of individuals and entities in that respect.

234. The UNDP Contract Asset and Procurement Management User Guide (sect. E, 4.0) requires all procurement officials to verify entities with which business is conducted “against the United Nations Security Council 1267 Committee’s list of
terrorists and terrorist financiers”.

235. The Board noted during its audit visits to country offices that no controls were in place to ascertain compliance with Security Council resolution 1267 (1999) and the requirements of the UNDP Contract Asset and Procurement Management User
Guide prior to the appointment of suppliers.

236. The Board recommends that UNDP, prior to dealing with prospective vendors, ensure that they are not listed on the Security Council list of prohibited suppliers.

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